GoMunkee is coming soon – Find out more…

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Today, on the part of their children, there’s a desire amongst parents to go bigger, better, faster, more colourfully, more thrillingly, smarter, funnier, happier and further.  But how? GoMunkee is a new, free web app especially for parents, grandparents or any adult with responsibility for children. Currently in development, GoMunkee is an indispensable catch-all digital [...]

Stuff dads don’t like to admit to

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By Louis Hampson Five and a half years in as a father – three children and a painful vasectomy later – I’ve found myself reflecting  (with lashings of guilt) on the banalities and realities of parenting. How is it possible to be immensely proud and completely mind-numbed at the same time?  I don't know how my [...]

The parenting choice – laugh or go mad

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There’s no end of advice contained in the thousands of parenting books lining the bookshelves to help us in our quest to raise our kids. Doctors, academics, child psychologists, therapists and experts are primed, ready to tell us how to handle this parenting lark. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but we’re muddling [...]

It’s back – The GoMunkee Weekly Planner 2018

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It's back - The GoMunkee Weekly Planner 2018 - the antidote to digital calendars. No more mislaid phones, battery run downs and excuses. Now, the whole week's activities are displayed in full view on the wall - who's doing what, (with whom), where and when. Available on Amazon £8.00 Simple. In freehand, you can [...]

Are you a bad parent?

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We’ve all had them.  Moments in our lives when an incident – a small mistake, a misunderstanding, a close shave or the tiniest lapse in our vigilance - left us feeling and reeling as if we were the worst parents in the world.  Maybe, at that moment in time, we were bad parents.  Or possibly [...]

Oh no, it’s parental FOMO

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Worrying about our children is the default mode for many parents these days. And there’s no end to the things that trouble us as we strive to raise kids in this uncertain world. Then, just as we’re adjusting to the fact that, actually, we're not bad parents after all, parental FOMO blips onto the radar. [...]

Tech-savvy grandparents get mobile

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UK’s tech-savvy grandparents keep the wheels on the family bus going round and round. The UK would shudder to a halt if all the grandparents who look after their grandchildren simultaneously downed tools. 9.2 million people in this country are lifesavers for their own children, taking either an active or essential role in [...]

GoMunkee asks – The school summer holidays – are we parents or slaves?

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Dearest Kids, The summer holidays are upon us and you've just Brexited school.  You'll want to get the most out of the weeks ahead, so I'm planning to be at your disposal 24/7 to ensure it all goes well. Firstly, you have my complete approval to leave your stuff wherever you want this summer. Empty [...]