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We’ve got everything covered…


GoMunkee is a smart, new web application, launching in 2017.  GoMunkee is THE definitive, free resource for finding things for your kids to see and do, locally, regionally and nationally.  Aimed at parents, grandparents and any adult with responsibility for children – from babies to teens – GoMunkee’s got it covered

We’ve completely flipped the frustrating process of tracking down children’s activities.  Now, via this digital signpost, all the things your children like to see and do find you.  And everything’s in one place – RIGHT HERE, saving you time and effort, and cutting out the exasperation.

Constantly updated, GoMunkee’s listings are relevant and personalised to you and your family. You let us know a little about your family and its preferences, and GoMunkee grows up alongside your children, always giving you intelligent, age-relevant suggestions from the abundance of activities on offer. You just choose how far you want to travel.

This dynamic, smart web application is the antidote to stay-at-home, screen-gazing Wi-Fi-dependent children. Through GoMunkee, children can get out to discover an exciting world, develop new skills, be entertained, become more cultured, be active and be inspired by thousands of new things going on, right where they live.

We know that technology has many benefits for children and GoMunkee’s mission is to use the same technology to provide the balance needed for a healthy and enriched childhood.  So sign up today, and never miss a thing.