GoMunkee is a web-based business, and we take internet security and safety very seriously.

Checkout our tips to beat internet snoops:

  • You can download all the data Google holds on you, using its Takeout tool.  You won’t be able to delete it from Google, but you will know what’s out there.

  • In order to stop advertisers on Facebook from targeting you, go to Settings.  On the left of your screen, click on Ads.  Click on ‘Ads on apps and websites outside the Facebook Companies’ and select No.

  • Facebook wants to advertise to you, but you can purge your settings and turn off advertising (almost).  Go to Settings and click on Ads.  For ‘Ads based on your use of websites and apps’, select No.

  • For ‘Ads with your social actions’, again click No-one.

  • You might be surprised at how many advertisers you’ve already engaged with on Facebook.  Edit the section entitled ‘Advertisers you’ve interacted with’ by deleting those you don’t want to be connected to.  At the bottom of the page, click on See More and do the same for the next page(s).

  • In all the recent furore about Facebook, there hasn’t been anything about targeted advertising through ‘listening’.  If you’ve ever wondered about those co-incidences when you were talking about something and then it appeared on your screen, then maybe you need to turn off your microphone on your iPhone.  Go to Settings.  Scroll down to Privacy and click on Microphone.  Swipe to off all the apps which are listening to you – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

  • Again in Ads Settings, edit your preferences in Your Information to stop advertisers from targeting you.

  • To check whether your email has been compromised, enter your address at www.haveibeenpwned.com  If the answer is yes, change your password.  Make it long and use numbers and symbols.

  • Don’t use the same, or variations of the same password for all your accounts.  Sign up to a secure password storage system, like Last Pass.

  • Little-used email accounts are a gift to hackers.  Hackers can impersonate you online, once they have control of your account, can change your password and lock you out.  Either delete these accounts, or change the password and enable two-step verification.  Disconnect linked services such as cloud storage for such accounts.

  • When on Facebook, don’t give an app access to your address book your your friends’ profiles.  Clicking on something fun, like finding out your 1970s rock star name by surrendering all your data just isn’t worth it.

  • Avoid internet-connected gadgets – most have poor security.  These include wearables (smart watches, smart toys), VR headsets, activity trackers and the Internet of Things where everything from your electric toothbrush, to your washing machine and your TV take instructions from the internet and report your behaviour and whereabouts to cyberspace.

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