GoMunkee asks… ‘Would the 9.2 million grandparents in the UK who are actively involved in the care and raising of their grandchildren, kindly stand up and be counted?’

The country would grind to a halt if you all simultaneously downed tools, and stopped. You are lifesavers for your own children by taking either an active or essential role in the care or raising of your grandchildren. From pre-schoolers, through to teens and beyond, you keep the wheels on the family bus going round and round, enabling your own grown children to work and play, all while keeping the kids happy.

The country salutes you. On a regular basis, around four out of five children are cared for by a grandparent, while parents go out to work. Across the country, a staggering 60 per cent of childcare is provided by grandparents, saving the economy around £4 billion annually.*

In most cases, these grandparents are a hidden demographic, giving hours of their time, often on the move, spending large chunks of their retirement and pensions, but doing a job they really love.

GoMunkee asks… what do you do for or with your grandchildren?

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Many grandparents depend on digital technology to manage their busy lives. But sometimes, going back to basics in the form of a weekly planner is the simplicity needed for organising grandchildren. The GoMunkee Weekly Planner 2018 is perfect for organised and disorganised people who don’t want to be left to their own (digital) devices in order to plan their weeks during 2018. Each week, there’s an uncomplicated seven day view, so everyone who needs to know, knows what’s going on.
£8.00 available from Amazon.

  • ONE WEEKLY VIEW AT A TIME anyone and everyone who needs to be organised can see a snapshot view of what’s happening this week.

  • AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOU ARE – hundreds of possibilities – what’s happening in your grandchildren’s lives, your activities and appointments, meal plans, notes, schedules, reminders

  • BETTER THAN THE DIGITAL CALENDAR ON YOUR PHONE – now everyone can see everything that’s happening this week. If you keep the used weekly sheets, you’ll have a record of the year’s activity, but your phone’s calendar won’t.

  • EVERYTHING ALL IN ONE PLACE – pin it or stick on the wall, bulletin board, kitchen cupboard, fridge door or communal area for all to see.

  • LIST THE WEEK’S EVENTS/ACTIVITIES/INFO and add to it as the week progresses. A4 columned one week to a view. Drilled hole for easy hanging. Start using any time of the year right through to December 2018.

GoMunkee is a new, free web app especially for parents, grandparents or any adult with responsibility for children.  Launching in Spring 2018, GoMunkee is an indispensable catch-all digital signpost. It’s been designed to help you find things to see and do with your children/grandchildren (0-16) – locally, regionally and nationally. And, whatever your location or the ages of the children, everything will be in one place. GoMunkee is big on ideas, so it will inspire and suggest things to see and do with children in your care, based on the preferences you input. GoMunkee takes away the chore of trying to find great things for kids to see and do, whilst saving you precious time.   Sign up for our newsletter today.

* Office for National Statistics

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