Seriously, have you ever had a day out with the children and got home to find you hadn’t spent as much as you thought, leaving enough money for a treat for yourself?  …We thought not.  Whatever your budget, this occurrence – having money left over after entertaining the kids – is extremely rare.  Which is where GoMunkee may be able to help…

Kent-based GoMunkee is a great source of inspiration when it comes to keeping kids entertained for little or no cost (and away from screens/Wi-Fi).  Here are a few money-saving ideas for seeing and doing things with younger children.  So you might just get round to indulging in that treat after all.  (Although being a parent, you probably won’t have time).

  • Look at the tropical fish tanks at the local garden centre
  • Ride on the top of a double decker bus and travel across a city (accompanied children are usually free)
  • Visit beaches out of season
  • Find outdoor play areas/parks away from home – a change of scene is always welcome
  • Take your kids geocaching to discover hidden treasure
  • Pack a picnic
  • Go to the library
  • Try pond skimming and stream paddling
  • Visit a museum
  • Visit animal sanctuaries/Dogs Trust (free, but always make a donation)
  • Check out 2 for 1 days out in London (one person goes free)
  • Buy a family rail card and use it often (not free, but saves £££)
  • Check out train company offers, ie Kids for a Quid (SouthEast Trains – £1 per child up to 15 years. Up to 4 children accompanied by 1 adult)
  • Go on bike/scooter rides
  • Visit National Trust and English Heritage sites (under 5s are free and there are various deals for family membership) – there are also free events over the holidays
  • Fly kites on windy days
  • Purchase season tickets to local attractions.  And go a lot.
  • Visit local fetes and fairs
  • Eat at IKEA
  • Check out Groupon for the best deals
  • SIGN UP TO THE GOMUNKEE NEWSLETTER on this blog for inspiration, discovery plus age and preference-based suggestions of great things for children to see and do in your area.  Become an early subscriber to GoMunkee, launching in April 2018 and never miss a thing.  GoMunkee grows up with your children, imparting age-appropriate and preference-based suggestions, fine-tuned to your family.


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