Yes, we are kidding.  Have you ever had a day out with the children and got home to find you hadn’t spent as much as you thought, leaving enough money for a treat for yourself?  Whatever your budget, this occurrence – having money left over – is extremely rare.  It’s similar to spending your last holiday Euros on a packet of Mentos for the kids at the airport.  As you scrape the bottom of your wallet for that elusive 25c, stressing out about your flight delay, you might think ‘Wow, we budgeted just right’.  That is until you get your credit card bill a couple of weeks later.

Many parents are already cost-savvy, sharing money-saving tips with friends and being eagle-eyed when it comes to spotting savings.  Without a doubt, the best online advice is and their family money saving ideas are invaluable. Check out, cunning plans to save money on theme park tickets, free museums, childcare vouchers, savings for single parents, savings on grocery shopping, sub-£5 birthday gift ideas, cheap kids clothing, free kids sports schemes at schools in the holidays, switching utilities, making money from selling your old stuff, maxing the returns on loyalty cards, grabbing freebies …  The money-saving possibilities are endless.

GoMunkee’s also a great source of inspiration when it comes to keeping the kids entertained for little or no cost.  So from GoMunkee, here’s a few money-saving ideas for keeping younger children entertained.  So you might get round to indulging in that treat after all.  (But being a parent, probably not).

  • Look at the tropical fish tanks at the local garden centre
  • Ride on the top of a double decker bus and travel across a city (accompanied children are usually free)
  • Visit beaches out of season
  • Find outdoor play areas/parks away from home – a change of scene is always welcome
  • Take your kids geocaching to discover hidden treasure
  • Pack a picnic
  • Go to the library
  • Try pond skimming and stream paddling
  • Visit a museum
  • Visit animal sanctuaries/Dogs Trust (and make a donation)
  • Visit city farms
  • Check out 2 for 1 days out train fares
  • Buy a family rail card (and use it often)
  • Check out train company offers, ie Kids for a Quid (SouthEast Trains – £1 per child up to 15 years. Up to 4 children accompanied by 1 adult)
  • Go on bike/scooter rides
  • Visit National Trust sites (under 5s are free) – there are also free events over the holidays
  • Fly kites on windy days
  • Purchase season tickets to local attractions.  And go a lot.
  • Visit local fetes and fairs
  • Eat at IKEA
  • Check out Groupon and Wowcher for the best deals
  • Find out from GoMunkee (or local authority/tourist sites until GoMunkee launches) about flypasts, fire engine visits, pop-up events, carnivals

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