Today, on the part of their children, there’s a desire amongst parents to go bigger, better, faster, more colourfully, more thrillingly, smarter, funnier, happier and further.  But how?

GoMunkee is a new, free web app especially for parents, grandparents or any adult with responsibility for children. Currently in development, GoMunkee is an indispensable catch-all digital signpost.  It’s been designed to help you find things to see and do with your children – locally, regionally and nationally. We aim to have just about everything covered, from big to small, including free stuff. And, whatever your location or the ages of your children, everything will all be in one place – right here.  GoMunkee is big on ideas, so it will inspire and suggest things to see and do with your children, based on their preferences.  GoMunkee takes away the chore of trying to find great things for your kids to see and do, whilst saving you precious time.

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