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GoMunkee – finding great things to see and do for the kids

- Yay!  GoMunkee has arrived and is on a device near you, now!  GoMunkee is a new, free resource for parents,

Family Friendly Fireworks in Kent 2018

- It’s a big weekend in Kent for fireworks displays, which start on Friday evening and goes right through until Monday

Stuff dads don’t like to admit to

- How is it possible to be immensely proud and completely mind-numbed at the same time?  I don't know how my

GoMunkee’s Parking Hacks for Canterbury

- Parking in Canterbury is difficult and expensive at the best of times. Most of the council-run car parks charge between

GoMunkee – FREE days out for Kent families with young children

- Kent-based GoMunkee is a great source of inspiration when it comes to keeping kids entertained for little or no cost

THE KID TAX: 10 ways parents get fleeced by their children

- Let's be clear, raising a family is an unbelievably expensive business.  But it tends to be parents, rather than grandparents, who,