About GoMunkee

We feel your pain. But we can make it better…

At GoMunkee, we know. We know about the challenges of being a parent and trying to do your best for your children. We understand the difficulties presented by the work/life balance, the demands of rapidly growing children and never having enough time (or money). We know too, how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information of what’s on, where to go, what can we do? At GoMunkee, we also acknowledge the frustrations experienced by many parents as their children become ever more dependent on screen-based activities at home.

We know about these things, because the GoMunkee team are parents too. Over the last two years, as we’ve been developing this unique finding service, we’ve talked to hundreds of parents, grandparents and carers. To a greater or lesser degree, we all share the same problems when it comes to getting the kids out to enjoy doing the things they love. Today, there are more activities, entertainments, experiences, events and things to see and do for children than at any time in history, just waiting to be grabbed.

In response to these issues, and the abundance of all things family-friendly, we’ve worked hard to bring you GoMunkee – a smart web app – which we regard as being to be the antidote to Wi-Fi addiction. We’re excited, because GoMunkee is breaking new ground – there isn’t anything this comprehensive for families in Kent.

We’re focussing our initial attention on Kent and the South East, aiming to show you the vast array of things your children can enjoy, close to home or day-trippable from the county. We’ll be scaling up to cover the rest of the UK in due course.

Committed to finding great things for your kids to see and do - GoMunkee’s people:

The team at GoMunkee is based in Folkestone, where we draw upon the incredible can-do vibe of this enthusiastic town.  We’re all parents, so find out more about us here.

Annie is mother to two moody teenage sons, who no longer want parental involvement in arranging their entertainment. Annie still chips in with some breathtakingly brilliant suggestions, which, on occasions, they grudgingly take up. But it was a different story as the boys were growing up. The inspiration to develop GoMunkee first came about over 10 years ago (before Wi-Fi and smart phones), when Annie challenged head-on the often-heard statement, ‘I’m bored’ whilst simultaneously missing spectacular events and activities, because she didn’t know they were on. (This was also before parental FOMO had started to kick in). She started to pull together a list of links to kids’ activities and events close to home, where she uncovered an overwhelming and widely-scattered choice of things to see and do. This set her on a mission to develop a product whereby parents and grandparents would never miss a thing again, and boredom (now replaced with round-the-clock Wi-Fi) would be conquered by getting the kids out, seeing and doing fabulous things. And with her top team, she’s done it! GoMunkee is live and its community is growing. Annie is a published author and enjoyed a 20-year career in PR working in the leisure, entertainment and sports industries.



Rachel Gristock was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1974 to Welsh parents. As the weather was far too nice in Boston and their umbrellas were feeling neglected, they decided to return to the UK and settled back in Swansea, South Wales. Over the years her career has included Marketing Manager, CRM Consultant and Data Analyst and so she is affectionately known as The Marketing Geek. More recently, Rachel has produced two beautiful children and now works as a freelance Marketing Consultant so that she can spend more time with the kids. Rachel has also published a children’s book called Mrs Wee & Mr Poo.

Lee has been instrumental in driving GoMunkee forward and planning the expansion of the app. With a wealth of experience in growing and expanding digital businesses, Lee was enthused by the concept behind GoMunkee and the product it is delivering – both from a professional standpoint and personally, so that she can find new and exciting things (quickly and easily) for her three children to see and do, thus maintaining the work/life balance. Lee is a CIMA and Batchelor of Laws-qualified accountant and lawyer with 21 years’ experience in tech start-ups.