GoMunkee – finding great things to see and do for the kids

Yay!  GoMunkee has arrived and is on a device near you, now!  GoMunkee is a new, free resource for parents, grandparents and any adult with responsibility for children.  Now, you can discover great things to see and do with your children in and around Kent – activities, events, attractions – all preference-based, many of them low cost or free, and searchable by distance from your location.  For families and children of all ages – from babies to 13+ – GoMunkee grows up alongside each child, always providing age-appropriate suggestions, inspirations and direct searches – from the smallest local events, to big fat fun on a county scale.  GoMunkee is the antidote to hours wasted on screen-gazing, gaming and Wi-Fi.  Now, you can fine tune your search to find wonderful things to see and do with or for the kids.  Fulfil the parental desire for children to go bigger, better, more expressively, more colourfully, more thrillingly, more relaxed, smarter, funnier, happier and further.  Check out GoMunkee and never miss a thing again.   Enjoy! [mc4wp_form]

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