A story in six words?

Could you tell a story in just six words?  Often, it’s not what you say, but what you don’t say.  The gaps between words can speak volumes.

Ernest Hemingway once said his best work was a story he wrote in just six words: ‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn.’

GoMunkee’s routed out a few more thought-provoking six worders. By their very nature, most six word stories are smart, but tend to be rather tragic.
  • Painfully, he changed ‘is’ to ‘was.’
  • “Wrong number,” says a familiar voice.
  • Brought roses home. Keys didn’t fit.
  • Introduced myself to mother again today.
  • Birth certificate. Death certificate. One pen.
  • ‘Just married!’ read the shattered windscreen.
  • Total media blackout, agreed the President.
  • Met my soulmate. At her wedding.
  • Strangers. Friends. Best Friends. Lovers. Strangers.
  • I saw and I stayed quiet.
  • Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. Didn’t. Didn’t. Didn’t.
  • He didn’t. She did. Big mistake.
  • “I love you too.” she lied.
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