The best children’s cookbooks

Creativity with yummy ingredients and making something you can eat seems to go down well with the little people.  Here are a few of GoMunkee’s favourites, with a bit of light relief for parents of toddlers at the end.

Gruffalo Crumble and Other Recipes

This joyful book is based on Julia Donaldson’s bestseller.  Young Gruffalo fans can make all the things they might come across in the ‘deep, dark wood’, from frog muffins to scrambled snake.  (Macmillan £12.99).

Cooking Step by Step

DK is the go-to how-to reference source for kids.  This educational and boldly illustrated DK book contains more than 50 recipes laid out in easy steps with lots of pictures.  There’s also a useful, illustrated glossary of lots of basic skills.  (DK £13.99)

Nadiya's Bake Me a Story

Great for younger children, this book by Nadiya Hussain, the Bake Off winner of 2015, combines 15 original stories with recipes which bring them to life. (Hodder £14.99)

The Kew Gardens Children's Cookbook

This book is designed to instil a love of gardening and cooking,  Kew’s book aims to show children aged between six and eight how to grow their own vegetables and cook with them (Wayland £12.99).

Fantastic Eats! (& how to cook them)

Children’s and One Show TV presenter, Angellica Bell, is also the winner of Celebrity MasterChef, and while her recipes are designed for kids to make, they could easily be served to adults. (Quadrille £15).

The Unicorn Cookbook

This fantastic cookery book dazzles  with sparkles, glitter and rainbows. From the magical explosion cake to happiness pancakes, The Unicorn Cookbook is packed with recipes perfect for parties and times when all you want to do is spread some joy and release your inner unicorn.  (Summersdale £10.99)

Man vs Toddler - The Trials and Triumphs of Toddlerdom

This isn’t a cookbook for kids, but a hilarious, frank and fully-relatable book for parents on parenting toddlers (from a Dad’s perspective).  GoMunkee decided to throw it into the mix because it’s so funny – and it does contain a bit about catering for a toddler, so technically, it’s a fit.

In the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sunday Times bestseller Dummy comes Man vs. Toddler – the story of what happens when your little one is transformed from an innocent bundle of joy into a creature that walks, talks… and craps in a plastic bucket in the middle of your living room.

Man vs Toddler exposes the lie that, that when it comes to parenting ‘it gets easier’. But it is just as honest, sweary and heart-warming as Matt Coyne’s first book, and will have you laughing and crying with recognition as he shares his observations and advice on everything from tantrums to the horrors of soft-play. (Wildfire £16.99).

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