Things Mums NEVER hear their teenage sons say (or do)

‘Mum, before I put these clothes away, do you need anything else ironed?’

‘Hey Mum, What’s that playlist you’ve got there?  I love it.’

‘Mum, you still haven’t accepted my friend request.’ 

In the car: ‘Would you like me to turn the music down so we can talk?’

‘Look! Isn’t that Audrey from your choir?  Shall we go over and have a chat?’

Voluntarily emptying the dishwasher:  ‘Mum, where does this go?’

‘Hey Mum, what time do you want me home?’

‘I’ve got plenty of spare batteries.  Help yourself.’

‘I met a girl last night.  Do you want to hear about it?’

‘Can you think of anything else that needs doing whilst I’m in cleaning mode?’

‘You know what, Mum, you should audition for the next series of The Voice.  Your singing is way better than these bozos.’

‘Let’s mix it up a bit here – you lay the table and I’ll cook dinner!’

‘Mum, it’s school sports day today – are you and Dad going to come along to cheer me on?’

‘Let me give you a hand with those shopping bags – are there any more in the car I can bring in?’

‘Would you like a shower first, in case all the hot water runs out?’

‘Turns out you were right again, Mum.  I did need a coat – it was really cold.’

On the phone to Mum: ‘I still want to borrow the money, but can you just put Dad on as I want to be sure he’s OK with this.’

‘If my alarm goes off in the morning, please could you yell at me every five minutes just in case I didn’t hear it?’

‘Mum, can you take me through this Apple TV procedure again?’

‘What was that musical on Netflix you said I’d like?’

‘Sorry to bother you about this, but I’ve downloaded the file and now it’s disappeared – could you give me a hand transferring all this stuff?  It’s so confusing.’

‘What shall we take for great uncle Bob when we visit him in hospital on Saturday?’

‘Mum! Don’t put it there – someone could trip over it!’

Grabbing something from the fridge and stopping:  ‘Mum, you’re spot on – this will just ruin my dinner.’

Going out the door:  ‘Oh Mum – if there’s anything we forgot to discuss, just write it on my timeline.’

About to take the dog out for a walk: ‘If I didn’t walk him every day, I wouldn’t be keeping my word.’

‘Mum!  Hurry up!  Why are you always so slow?’ 

‘Oh, I’m sorry – I didn’t realise you were cooking.  I’ll give you some space.’

‘Sit down. I can get myself a drink.’

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