Things that mums with sons will understand – Part 2

Cool playthings

I’m going to incur the wrath of mums of girls with this blog post, but hey-ho, I’m just generalising.  So… Let’s be honest, boys’ stuff is infinitely superior to all the hideous, flower-embossed plastic, pink and purple, princess, tasseled, doe-eyed, fantasy, fairy, Frozen kitsch that little girls seem to love so much. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Wimpy Kid, super heroes, swords, scooters, trucks, trains, tool kits, diggers, helicopters, race tracks, balls, cars, puzzles, Playmobil, guns, dinosaurs and monsters.  And what about sticks, stones, mud, sand, gravel, leaves…? The whole world is a playground for boys.

Boys are physical and competitive

Males are naturally territorial and boys own the space they inhabit. They climb on the furniture. They jump on one another. They smack and punch for no apparent reason. An innocent hug between brothers turns into a rugby tackle in mere seconds. I’ve lost count of how many times I utter the phrases, ‘Don’t throw the ball inside’, ‘Keep away from the edge’, ‘No, you can’t have the matches’, ‘Get off him, you’re hurting him’, ‘What the hell are you doing upstairs? You’ll come through the ceiling!’ ‘Be gentle or you’ll break it/him/her!’

Boys live for the moment

It never fails to surprise me. My son could have a friend over for the weekend and they could occupy every minute of their day with sport, Xbox, talking, laughing, banter and fun. When the friend’s parent arrived to collect, they’d just walk off. Me: ‘Josh is going. Aren’t you going to say goodbye?’ Son (continuing his game of football on his own): ‘Oh. Yeah. Bye’.

They say what they mean and they mean what they say

When it comes to boys there really is no nonsense; no second guessing, reading between the lines and wondering what they’re really thinking. Their brutal honesty can be refreshing, and when they say, ‘Mummy, I like your shoes’ or ‘you look pretty today’, you can be sure they mean it.  Conversely, it is the absolute right of every parent to embarrass their offspring simply by turning up, singing in the car or wearing a hat in public. But this propensity for humiliation is down to adolescence and is not exclusive to males. If boys have a dramatic falling out or disagreement with a friend (or even their parents), they don’t hold a grudge. When it’s done, it’s done and they move on. Arguing with a teenage boy can be upsetting. And as a female, it’s completely baffling when they revert to their cheery, perky normal demeanour in an instant.  You end up wondering whether the row was all a dream. But that’s the Mars and Venus difference between boys and girls – you know where you stand with boys. They like to keep us on our toes too. While boys can be loud, confident and brash, they can also be shy, sensitive and quiet – it’s the antidote to the male stereotype we have grown to understand, and we are surprised by, and love the contrasts.

Boys REALLY love their mums

Mothers are their sons’ first true love – cheesy, but true.  When you get a hug from your son, there’s no agenda. There’s no ulterior motive. There’s no plotting going on in the back of his mind. Affection from little boys is straightforward and they love unconditionally and unabashedly. Then they become teenagers…  More on that here. Sign-up to GoMunkee now to keep those ‘boys will be boys’ amused and active, whatever their age.  And girls too.
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